Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Mrs. Godwin's 8th Grade Math Class

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Mrs. Godwin’s 8th grade math class at Webster County Schools has been working hard to understand Linear Relationships. While collaborating with one another, students were able to problem-solve and think critically, as they developed their comprehension of linear equations, tables, graphs, and verbal descriptions. Students have found that some of them prefer to graph ordered pairs to find their relationships, yet others found it easier to use tables or equations to find these numerical relationships. Regardless of the method that the students preferred, they were able to interact with classmates to ensure comprehension by explaining the steps that they individually took within their groups and to the entire class. To further delve into this lesson, students have been working to make the connection between this lesson and real-life scenarios. One student, Olivia Busby, created a visual aid for her class to understand how linear relationships would help her plan an event. Students enjoyed listening as Olivia presented her project over Linear Relationships.




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