Friday, March 09, 2018

Text Features

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The Webster County fourth grade students, in Mrs. Eddierene S. Prather’s reading class, have been studying text features (table of contents, index, and glossary). The students worked in small groups to create a table of contents, index, and a glossary. The students were given a checklist to follow. Also, the students had to create 10 questions pertaining to their table of contents, index, glossary, and an answer key. The questions were given to a different group of students to answer. The students came up with excellent ideas to complete this assignment. They worked cooperatively and were very well behaved. I am so proud of them.


The students in the picture are:

Angel Johnson, Vanessa Perez, Mackenzie Williams, Jemarius Jenkins

Se”maj Coleman, Abravion Brown, Aimee Rice,

Jelletta Coleman, Kaleia Holmes, Jalynn Bentley

Trenton Bell and Billy Summerford

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